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Welcome to where you'll find a wide range of pressure and flow control products, all of which are perfectly suited for many of the most demanding compressed gas delivery applications. We feature regulators manufactured by Harris Regulator, a division of Lincoln Electric; A name that is synonymous across the globe for quality, dependability and a willingness to get the job done for their customers.

Demanding customers, such as research facilities and others who utilize rare and/or dangerous gases, regularly rely on Harris Regulators for the precision and high quality their work demands. Harris Regulators and accessories include high purity and high pressure regulators, constructed of various materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass and Chrome Plated Brass. Included in their product offering are instruments for both flow regulation and flow control, as well as semi and fully automated Manifold systems, traps and other miscellaneous accessories.

Are you looking for a high pressure regulators, go regulators, tescom regulator, high pressure gas regulator, compressed gas regulators, compressed gas regulator, scott regulator, precision pressure regulator, veriflo regulator, stainless steel pressure regulator, brass pressure regulator, tescom regulator 44, ap tech regulators, gas bottle regulator or a calibration gas regulator? If so, you've definitely come to the right place! Not sure which product is best suited of your application? Let our team of knowledgable, flow control specialists assist you in designing the most appropriate system for your specific needs!

Search through our store for the right high pressure regulator for your compressed gas system. If you don't see what you need, just call our Technical Sales Department for help solving your most demanding pressure regulation and flow control problems.

We are available to take your call M-F, 8am to 5pm Eastern US Time. Call us today at (877) 905-6932 or Click Here to contact us by email.

Featured Products

Harris HP 705 CO2 Heated Pressure Regulator 0-125 PSIG
Harris HP705 CO2 Heated Pressure Regulator 0-125 PSIG
Price: $543.16
Harris HP705 CO2 Heated Pressure Regulator 0-125 PSIG
0-125 PSIG Harris HP 705 CO2 Heated Chrome Plated Brass Bar Stock Pressure Regulator 120VAC
Harris HP 742 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator 0-15 PSIG
Harris HP742 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator 0-15 PSIG
Price: $809.80
Harris HP742 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator 0-15 PSIG
0-15 PSIG Harris HP 742 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulator, 1/4" FNPT Connections, SS 2" Dial Face Inlet and Outlet Pressure Gauges, Dual Stage
Harris Series 900 SS Semi-Automatic Bottle Change Over System
Harris Series 900 SS Semi-Automatic Bottle Change Over System
Price: Call for Selection and Options
Harris Series 900 SS Semi-Automatic Bottle Change Over System
Harris Series 900 SS Semi-Automatic Bottle Change Over System
Selection of High Pressure Regulators

Gases can be supplied in compressed gas high-pressure cylinders, liquid low-pressure cylinders or from low-pressure pipeline supply. The pressure from the supply source must be reduced to the desired working pressure for the application, to accomplish this a pressure reducing valve commonly referred to a regulator needs to be selected. Proper selection is critical for a safe and effective transfer of the gas from the gas supply to the instrument. Regulators are designed to control pressure. Pressure regulators will not measure or control flow. An external device such as a flow meter or metering valve specifically designed for flow control should be used for that purpose.

Selection of the correct high pressure regulator involves many variables. All items must be considered in making the proper regulator selection.

1-Materials Compatibility- Materials used to construct the pressure regulator need to be compatible with the intended gas service. All the wetted areas (parts of the regulator in contact with the gas) must be selected to avoid any reaction with the gas that can cause contamination in the gas stream or

2-Inlet Pressure Rating
- Inlet pressures can range from low pressure in pipeline usage to high pressure from compressed gas cylinders. Regulators used in a pipeline will normally have only one gauge to indicate delivery pressure while a cylinder regulator will have two gauges; one to show inlet pressure and the other to show delivery pressure. An exception to this would be the use of regulators for liquid gas cylinders. In this application, only the delivery pressure gauge would be required since the supply pressure is generally constant. When selecting the regulator it must be capable of handling the incoming inlet pressure. When the gas is supplied from a cylinder the CGA (Compressed Gas Association) inlet connection number will dictate the maximum supply pressure. This pressure can range from

3-Delivery Pressure Range- The desired working pressure for the operation may range from low pressure up to 15 PSIG to a much higher working pressure (7500-PSIG). The regulator selected must be able to supply the proper working

4-Gas Purity- Maintaining the purity level of the gas is of primary importance in the selection of the regulator. The selected regulator must be resistant to any introduction of contaminants that can be detrimental to the process. In addition to the proper selection of materials for gas compatibility, the design, assembly and testing of the regulator are critical items to consider in the selection process. Clean room assembly and Helium leak testing are common procedures used to insure the integrity of the

5-Pressure regulation, single-stage or two-stage design - All regulators are designed to reduce the inlet pressure to a desired working pressure. The regulator can reduce the pressure in either one step or two steps. A single-stage regulator reduces the pressure in one step and a two-stage regulator reduces the pressure in two steps, either may be suitable for the application based on the desired pressure

Single-Stage regulators are best suited for applications where manual periodic adjustment of the delivery pressure settings is not a problem and the inlet pressure remains constant, such as the case in gas withdrawal from liquid cylinders.

Two-stage regulators are two regulators built into a single regulator body. The first regulator (first stage) is preset at a non-adjustable pressure to reduce the incoming pressure to a lower pressure referred to as the intermediate stage. The second regulator (second stage) is adjustable within the desired delivery range. The two-stage regulator allows for steady delivery pressure without periodic adjustment, well suited for applications requiring constant pressure from full to nearly empty cylinder.

Now you can order all of our premier store products in one convenient online location, visit to see 1,000's of parts from many of our brands such as Draeger, GPI, Schroeder, CharLynn, Gasco and more...
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